Learn about artist and inventor Reyn Guyer creator of My Friend Wren!

Believe it or not, the man who writes and sings the MY FRIEND WREN stories and songs is the same guy who developed the TWISTER game and originated the NERF line of kids’ toys. With his daughter Ree, he also began the Nashville based WRENSONG music company that has a Grammy and two Country Music Songs of the Year. And on top of that, he started the WINSOR LEARNING company that helps more than 10,000 kids a year who were not reading….to read. 

The Wren’s real name is Reyn Guyer. And it’s quite obvious that he likes kids and thinks like a kid. Maybe it’s partly because he and his wife Mary have five children, 10 grandkids and 4 great grands.

Reyn started writing songs at age fifteen. His first song was called “Birds of a feather flock together, why can’t you and I” and he has been dreaming up stories and songs for kids ever since then. Reyn says, “Today, I’m hoping there may be a need for a singer and storyteller who brings a gentle but intelligent vibe to the kids’ market.” 

Reyn’s stories and songs always have a clever point. He says, “I hope my material teaches but I don’t want to sound like a teacher.” 

Reyn, like one of his heroes Ted Geisel (Dr. Suess), went to Dartmouth College where he majored in English and wrote short stories for his major credits.

“I hope kids and parents like to watch and listen to my songs and stories together” That’s probably what we can call MY FRIEND WREN’s motto.